Nick and his team did an amazing job transforming our discussions into a functional and easy to navigate website.  Not only did we get all the functions we wanted out of our website but the team was able to create an aesthetic that was completely consistent with our children's entertainment facility and party rental business.  As a business that is highly reliant on advanced web booking for services we are very pleased with customers' first impression of our business as designed by Charlottesville SEO.

Monique Moshier, Principal Bounce Play-n-Create

Nick Stone's kindness, compassion, and most of all technological competence in my time of need, when I was diagnosed with brain cancer, has made a huge difference to both me personally, and to the impact I want to leave on the world. As a writer, I have always processed my life experiences through the writing process. After my cancer diagnosis, I knew immediately that I would need to use my website and blog as a public and sacred space where I could work through and make sense of the many new issues that I would be confronting in my treatment and healing process. It is both a great honor and a great mystery to live out part of the suffering and pain that humanity faces in its daily incarnation as a species on this Earth. Suffering unites us in our common humanity as nothing else can - except perhaps Love. I am grateful to all who, like Nick Stone, choose to lend their Love, compassion, and skills to people like me, who find themselves living in a mystery and arena far beyond what we once might have imagined.

Fran Slayton - Author, Brain Cancer Survivor

Whenever I interact with Charlottesville SEO Web Development, I get quick responses that are explained to me in ways that a non-technical person can absorb and use to guide decisions. They keep our site safe and updated. Their customer service is top notch.

Stacy Moren, Van Yahres Tree Company

Nick is great at helping clients feel comfortable with what I call Google-ese. While other web companies have tried to make me become someone I was not to fit what they believed I needed to be to have a successful web presence, Nick has started from my values and goals and helped me translate my own values and personality into language that makes sense to Google, allowing Google to respond to my web presence by raising my ranking.

Jessica Thayer, President Insight Dynamics, LLC

...Nick Stone's background in business and marketing, combined with his experience working with disabled, has led to his push to make sure all online sites are accessible to everyone, including those people with disabilities.

Charlottesville Daily Progress June 22, 2009 - A-3

If you look up "conscientious" in the dictionary, you'll find Nick Stone. He starts a coding project and stays with it until it's RIGHT.

Chuck Moran, Owner / Web Designer Bald Guy Studio

Nick, you have two outstanding qualities that helped me choose Charlotteville SEO Web Development for my project. The first, is your sincere capacity to really listen to people. The second is your cerebral, detail oriented, methodical approach to problem solving. Consequently, you've exceeded my expectations.

William Walter, Singer, Songwriter, Rock Star William Walter and Co

We used Nick Stone’s SEO services to program the website for our construction company. We found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable in what it takes to make a website have good search engine results. He also gave us lots of helpful advice with wording as well as ideas for making the website user friendly. We have found that Nick stays abreast of the ever-present changes in the internet world and will give advice based on the current trends and conditions. We highly recommend the services he has to offer.

David Beachy, Principal Gibson Magerfield Edenali

Dear Nick, It was great speaking to you today. The campaign that you have built for the [omitted] Law Firm is performing very well in terms of conversions, low cost per lead, and a healthy CTR. I'm happy to see the success of this campaign and Google is excited about the opportunity to partner with you moving forward. Great work! I look forward to touching base soon. Best, Ryan  

Ryan Pantaleo, Digital Strategy Lead - Google Google, Inc.

Charlottesville SEO Web Development was our webmaster at for many years until I recently became semi-retired. Although our website is no longer active, Nick's team was very helpful in ensuring my practice was highly visible on the Internet search engines. They helped us to edit and review content. In addition, they provided valuable insight into the way we graphically presented our business. I considered Nick and his expert group a valuable asset to our business and recommend them highly.

Dr. Samuel Caughron, MD Charlottesville Wellness Center Family Practice

Nick has consistently provided me with sound advice and support for search engine optimization. He understands the business value of SEO and recommends practical solutions without technical jargon. I've been building web applications for over a decade. When I want my services to be found I partner with Nick's firm.

Duane Gran, Principal Software Intelligence

Nick does marvelous work on search engine optimization. I would recommend talking with him ... if this plays into the success of your project.

Duane Gran, Principal Software Intelligence

I'm excited to be working with you and Ake on this, Nick! Jon and I both left feeling optimistic that with the directions we're heading in, we will start seeing changes soon. Our gratitude to you both again for your time and insights...

Emily McKeon, Owner Birth Adventure

We are thrilled with the new site, Nick! THANK YOU!

Emily McKeon, Owner Birth Adventure

We have been very happy with the website and already have been contacted several times by people finding us online. Thank you very much for all of your hard work... It really does mean the world to us that you put in so much effort. We are thrilled with your service and very thankful!

Eve Privman, Principal Precision Mobile Pet Groomers

PS Got my fist official ‘date request’ for 9/29 Wedding in Rehoboth DE THIS MORNING! (... I was so excited it worked I almost spilled my coffee.) -Too freaking cool. This website is off the chain. Very pleased.

William Walter, Singer, Songwriter, Rock Star William Walter and Co

Greene County entrepreneur Nick Stone is working to make sure everyone has access to the benefits of the web and every business reaches as many customers as possible. Among the services his company Charlottesville SEO Web Development offers clients is the ability to make their website accessible to people with disabilities.

Greene County Record Article

I can’t say enough good things about Nick Stone’s [SEO and Web Development] work. It is amazing to find someone so dedicated to understanding and meeting the individualized needs of his clients. His attention to detail and thorough approach to each step of the work is refreshing and reassuring. Nick's standard of excellence consistently drives him to deliver value that exceeds billable hours. At the same time, Nick is very considerate of each client’s financial constraints. Nick is clear in describing the work that will be conducted and the time frame required to achieve results. At each step of the way he clearly communicates what he and the client will each be responsible to carry out. He checks in with his clients frequently to make sure that he is on track in what he understands the parameters of the work to be. In the initial stages when he is clarifying goals and his client's business identity, he has an astute ear for the subtleties that many might miss. He is an excellent listener as well as a great and patient teacher. Nick is thoughtful, insightful, thorough, and detail-oriented while retaining a clear view of the big picture. He is focused, dedicated, honest, and committed to delivering quality work and results for his clients. He is a skilled editor, aware of all aspects of web functionality, and dives deep to problem solve. His diversity of expertise allows him to identify and resolve the aspects of a site or marketing plan that need improvement. He has an amazing combination of coding expertise and web marketing savvy.

Jessica Thayer, President Insight Dynamics, LLC

You have provided excellent service, and I am grateful.

Laura Morgan, Esquire Famlawconsult

After reading the newspaper article about you in the Charlottesville Daily Progress, I understand why you have been so easy to work with on my website. From the very first phone call we had, I felt you always took the extra time to ensure that I understood the process of setting up a website. You explained everything in terms I could understand and you broke the things I needed to do into steps which helped me to not feel overwhelmed. Your suggestions and honest feedback about my ideas and how they would work or not for my website have made the site come together better than I had ever imagined!!! The information format and the slide show are done in such an aesthetically pleasing way and the site is easy to navigate. I am very happy with my website. Thank you very much for your expert skills and kindness and support!!

Marsha Robertson, Owner Central Virginia Feldenkrais

Since Nick Stone implemented SEO code on my website — — I have held the number one position in Google results for Charlottesville illustrator.

Mike Uriss, Artist, Art Educator (deceased) Mike Uriss Digital Design, Inc.

I hired Nick to perform SEO on a client website our firm had designed. Our client's website had been buried so deeply in the Google page index that it could only be found with a specific name search. After less than two months their ranking rose to first page for most of the key phrases developed. The client is thrilled, and so are we--their business is booming, and Nick made us look good.

Patti Shulman, President Shulman Creative LLC

I want to thank you and your company for your rapid response in analyzing and fixing my web site’s SEO problems. While I know that we need to give Google a month or so to fully evaluate the results, I want to thank you so far for: 1) responding very quickly to my needs; 2) fixing the web site problems very quickly; 3) Explaining everything you did so that I can understand it; and 4) demonstrating excellent communications skills (so rare today) by telling me everything you were doing. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Sande Smith, President LSS Associates, LLC

Accessibility is something vitally important to us at Virginia Industries for the Blind. Nick and his team expertly led us through the maze of Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements, transforming our site into one usable by all those interested in the services and many products we provide. I would highly recommend Nick Stone and Charlottesville SEO Web Development, LLC to anyone looking to improve their website and its accessibility.

James Meehan, Deputy Commissioner DBVI Enterprises

Thanks to Nick's diligence and hard work, my company has gone from an internet no name to a top listing on all the well-known search engines in just under a year. We are now receiving calls and e-mails from all over Virginia, and the best part is, we were finally able to break free from those greedy Yellow Page thieves! I can't say enough good things about his efforts and success in our case.

T. Joel Loving, M.S., C.E.I. President and Owner TJL Environmental Health Consultants, Inc.

Nick Stone did a terrific job on our SEO/Adwords Campaign. He was knowledgeable, thorough and creative, and helped us exceed our goals.

David Kalergis, JD/MBA CEO, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals LLC

Nick is solid, dedicated, precise, and committed... to details, as well as to the earnest belief in the promise of putting technology to the service of making our world better for all. That's a powerful mix. And I've never known him not to deliver everything he promises.

David B. Berman, President United Nations, High Level Advisor on Web Accessibility David Berman Communications